Hunger strike in front of the Parliament in Vienna continues

Hunger strike against the isolation of Öcalan continues in front of the Parliament in Vienna.

Kurds and their friends are staging hunger strikes all around the world in solidarity with DTK Co-chair and HDP MP for Hakkari, Leyla Güven, who has been on hunger strike for 34 days demanding an end to the aggravated isolation imposed by the Turkish state on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

As part of worldwide protests, Kurds in the Austrian capital city Vienna have also started a solidarity hunger strike which is on the sixth day.

The hunger strike is taking place in a tent set up in front of the Parliament. 30 people are taking part in the hunger strike which will last 20 days.

Activists are also protesting the ban on Kurdish symbols and they called for strong participation in the popular meeting to be held tomorrow.