Hunger strike in prisons enters day 243

The hunger strike launched by prisoners against the isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan continues on its 243rd day. The solidarity hunger strike in Maxmur has reached day 222 and day 205 in Greece.

An indefinite and alternate hunger strike was launched by PKK and PJAK prisoners in Turkey on 27 November demanding the end of the continued isolation of Abdullah Öcalan who has been held in Imralı Prison Island for 21 years, and ever-increasing rights violations in prisons. The protest continues on its 243rd day. A solidarity hunger strike was launched in Maxmur refugee camp and it is now on day 222. The solidarity hunger strike in Greece has reached day 205.

Hunger strike in Maxmur on day 222

On 18 December, a solidarity hunger strike was launched by women in Maxmur Camp in South Kurdistan. The hunger strike is being carried out in Maxmur Martyrs' Families Association and it's on its 222nd day.

205 days of hunger strike in Greece

An indefinite-alternating hunger strike was launched in Lavrio Camp, in Greece, to protest the isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan and in support of the prisoners in Turkey. The hunger strike in the camp, on day 205, is led by the Revolutionary Youth Movement (TCŞ-Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger), the Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (Tevgera Jinên Kurdistan a Ewropa) and Navenda Çanda Kurdistan (Kurdish Cultural Center).