Jinen Tirejen Roje Initiative takes actions against fascists

Women’s Initiative Jinen Tirejen Roje carried actions against the fascists, saying, “Every fascist bullet will be brought to account”. The Initiative dedicated the actions to Zeynep Kınacı.

Jinen Tirejen Roje Initiative paid tribute to June Martyrs in the person of Zeynep Kınacı (Zilan). The initiative released a statement and said, “We promise to enhance the resistance and freedom struggle we inherited from comrade Sema, comrade Gulan and especially comrade Zilan.”

The statement included the following:

“Every action we will carry out in Turkey metropolises in the future will be our self-criticism in the face of our martyrs. We take over their legacy of struggle. We are aware of the fact that a meaningful life like that of Zilan requires a willpower to enhance the struggle more than ever; we will organise and enlarge the self-sacrificing struggle line wherever the enemy exists. Every action against the AKP-MHP fascist bloc supporters and collaborating Kurds is legitimate. No betrayal will be left unpunished. Those unaware of this are falling into a great mistake. No one should sleep in peace anymore. Every fascist bullet targeting Kurdistan will be brought to account.”

The statement announced the details of the initiative’s latest actions as follows:

“On June 28, our units carried out technical actions and set fire to a number of workplaces belonging to fascist Turks in Tahtakale, the most important wholesale marketing center located in Eminönünü-Istanbul. The workplaces suffered billions of dollars of loss.

In Küçükçekmece-Istanbul, our units, on the same day, intervened in the central power system of Marmaray Transportation Line on the route between Halkalı and Gebze. In consequence of the action against the transformer, Marmaray services were interrupted.

A textile workshop and 3 luxury automobiles belonging to fascist members of MHP in Gebze-Kocaeli were burned and rendered useless by our units on June 28.

On June 27, our units set fire to a silicon factory belonging to a pro-AKP employer in Çorlu-Tekirdağ.

On June 29, a straw depot and 2 vehicles belonging to fascist Turks in Akyazı-Sakarya were burned and rendered useless by our units.