Journalist Kurtay Serhat publishes footage from Zap front

Journalist Kurtay Serhat has published footage from the war on the southern Kurdish Zap front. Central resistance regions can be seen on it and everyday combat becomes clear.

The South Kurdish Zap region is one of the places where the war between the guerrillas and the Turkish forces is most intense. Despite the difficult conditions, journalist Kurtay Serhat managed to get footage of the guerrilla fighters on the Zap front.

"At the moment I'm with a fighter from the HPG. So that my civilian clothes do not attract attention, I put on the guerrilla camouflage clothes and we observe the developments of the war,” explained Serhat showing the area around the Girê Hakkari, Girê Şehîd Akif, Girê FM up to the Zap River and further over the Areas Şehîd Mazlum, Şehîd Leşker and the Girê Cudî. All of the actions mentioned are in areas where clashes with the Turkish army, air raids and guerrilla actions often occur several times a day.

Images of Turkish army tents

Serhat said that they could not move due to the presence of the Turkish invasion forces on Girê Hakkari opposite and accompanied his video with the following words: “Here you can see Girê Hakkari and next to it is Girê FM. Today there were several explosions here, there was the sound of war and clashes. This mountain range continues to the Şehîd Mazlum area. In front of it is the Girê Şehîd Nalîn, on which Turkish soldiers are stationed. The guerrillas had attacked there earlier and dealt heavy blows to the occupying army. Likewise, Turkish soldiers have settled on Girê FM. Sometimes they can be seen from here.”

The journalist also showed the Şehîd Leşker summit, where the first Turkish troops were deployed. At the top are the tents of the Turkish army. Serhat recalled the guerrilla action on the Kuro Jahro mountain range, which recently inflicted heavy casualties on the Turkish army, and underlined the strategic role of the area. There are still military movements there.

Turkish army fires randomly

Explosions at Girê FM can be heard on the video. "At the moment we can hear how some guerrilla units are responding to the attacks launched by the Turkish army," explained Serhat.

When a helicopter flies over the area during the night, the guerrillas can be seen opening fire. "We also hear Turkish soldiers opening fire on the guerrillas," Serhat said. "Of course they don't know where the guerrillas are. That's why they just shoot around at random. Every night is the same. The guerrillas use ammunitions that are virtually invisible when fired, making it even harder for the occupying forces."