‘Journey of Freedom’ demanding freedom for Öcalan continues

Hundreds of Kurdish and internationalist youth activists have been marching for four days for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan through North Rhine-Westphalia.

Almost 200 Kurdish and internationalist activists from Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Spain, Italy, Bolivia and other countries have been marching for the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan through North Rhine-Westphalia since the beginning of the week.

Prior to the march, the activists organised a conference on Sunday in Dortmund, where they discussed Abdullah Öcalan's model of a society based on grassroots democracy, free women and social ecology and the role of youth.

On Monday, the activists set out on their "Journey of Freedom" and walked from Dortmund to Bochum. The other destinations were Essen and Oberhausen.

On the third day, the participants covered 15 kilometres from Oberhausen to Duisburg. Wednesday was dedicated to the struggles of young women and in the evening a seminar discussed methods of self-defence.

Today, the "Journey of Freedom" continues from Neuss to Düsseldorf. The good mood of the participants is still clearly visible, slogans for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan are shouted again and again. The "Journey for Freedom" will end on Friday with a demonstration from Cologne's main station to Mülheim.