KCDK-E calls on activists to join demos for Shengal on Thursday

The KCDK-E co-presidency Council said that they regard the Iraqi government's dispatch of 10 thousand soldiers to Shengal as a "new edict" and called on the Kurds to take action on November 26 wherever they are.

In a written statement the KCDK-E co-presidency Council said: "The Shengal Autonomous Administration exposed the dirty policies implemented by the Iraqi government via the KDP which include the risk of invading Shengal as Turkey and other forces would like.”

The statement continued: "The Iraqi government, which is preparing to send around 10 thousand soldiers to Shengal, and the KDP's accumulation of a force of some 3,000 men constitute the pillars of the plan of invasion. The Shengal Yazidi Kurdish people, who reconstructed themselves in a free and democratic way after suffering the attacks launched by ISIS are now in great danger once again.”

Pointing out that the agreement on Shengal was made without even consulting the people of Shengal and taking into no account the dozens of appeals from Kurdistan and abroad to listen to the Yazidi community, the KCDK-E called on “everyone to take action” and reject the plans for Shengal made by Turkey, Iraq, KRG and other foreign forces.

The statement reminded that “the Shengal Democratic Autonomous Council declared in its statement that it does not need the protection of any military force. It reiterated that the people of Shengal will protect their lands, their women, elderly, children and young people alone. This occupation plans, actually pave the way to genocide. The people of Kurdistan, the peoples of the region, our people living abroad and our friends should not allow these dirty policies to be carried out by claiming Shengal and demonstrating against these plans.”

The KCDK-E called on “all European countries, Australia and Canada, that is, everywhere we have community centers and components, to take actions to support Shengal on 26 November, in order to prevent a new occupation of Shengal.

We invite all our people, our friends and everyone who is in favour of humanity to join the protests to be held on 26 November all over the world.”