KCDK-E calls on the Kurdish people to stand up everywhere against Turkish occupation

KCDK-E called for total resistance against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state and the collaboration of the KDP, saying: "Let's stand up everywhere we are".

The Congress of Democratic Societies of Kurdistan in Europe (KCDK-E) made a written statement against the ever-escalating attacks and military activities of the Turkish state in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and the cooperation of the KDP, the ruling party in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

"We call on our people to mobilise against the invasion attacks of the genocidal Turkish state against Southern Kurdistan, Shengal and guerrilla areas and to carry out protest actions everywhere," the statement said.

The KCDK-E statement on Monday reads as follows:

"The AKP-MHP fascist alliance, which has failed to achieve results in its total annihilation attacks against the Kurdish people, insists on continuing the war to eliminate all the gains of the Kurdish people.

The genocidal Turkish state has brought this war to a new stage by co-operating with collaborator forces and the states in the region. To this end, all provocation attempts and opportunities are put into practice. In the attacks carried out with the full support of the KDP, the gains and freedom of the Kurdish people are targeted.

Bashûr (South Kurdistan) and Shengal are under a serious threat. The Turkish state wants to occupy and annex Bashûr and Shengal and to carry out genocide just like in Afrin. The KDP is working almost as a side arm of the Turkish state, preparing the ground for the occupation and mobilising all its means for this.

The intensive military deployment to Bashûr continues with the support of the KDP. By opening the official roads to the invading Turkish army, the KDP has completely relinquished control to the Turkish army. The Turkish state aims to take over the administration in Bashûr by expanding the invasion attacks.

Instead of taking a consistent stance against the impositions of the Turkish state, the Iraqi government has joined the occupation and genocide policies of the Turkish state. This partnership, which will threaten the future of the Iraqi peoples, is a serious danger that does not benefit the Iraqi peoples.

The Kurdish freedom movement has been waging a just and legitimate struggle for the free future of our peoples for more than 40 years. The target of the attacks is the gains of the Kurdish people and all Kurdistan values. It is our future, our lands and our history that are the target of the attacks. Assimilation and genocide are offered to the Kurdish people instead of a free future.

In order for these attacks to be repelled and for the Kurdish people to live in free conditions, all our patriotic people must be aware of the danger and resist with a clear and strong embracement. Only in this way can the attacks of occupation and genocide be repelled. Only in this way can our lands, for which thousands have given their lives, be protected."