KCK’s Bayık warns against Turkey’s psychological war

Bayık stressed that the Turkish state, by granting Mehmet Öcalan permission to visit Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, was trying to break the resistance.

KCK Executive Council co-chair, Cemil Bayık, discussed the psychological warfare attacks carried out by the Turkish state in an attempt to break the hunger strike actions.

Speaking on Sterk TV, Bayık said: "Leyla Güven has led the action carried out in prisons, the Middle East and Europe demanding the end of isolation. I wish success to Leyla Güven and all the hunger strikers.”

Commending the hunger strike that was initiated by Leyla Güven and joined by activists in Hewlêr, Strasbourg, Wales, Toronto and many cities of the Middle East, Bayık reiterated that “the hunger strikers have taken the decision of resistance on their own initiative and that they will continue their actions until isolation is lifted. Therefore, no one can ask them to stop these actions. They said that they will continue their actions until fascism is destroyed.”

Special war methods implemented by Turkish state

Referring to the short visit to Imralı granted to Abdullah Öcalan’s brother Mehmet Öcalan last week, Bayık added that the Turkish state, by granting Mehmet Öcalan permission to visit Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, was trying to break the resistance. The message they tried to send was ‘you can stop the resistance now’.

Bayık continued: “The Turkish state recently sent Öcalan’s brother to Imrali and said it was a family visit. This is not true. No family visit was made. What day was the visit granted? On a holiday day, the State took Öcalan’s brother to Imrali. However, there are other members of the family. Why were not others brought to the visit? There are other prisoners in Imrali and they were have not been allowed any family visit. Clearly, what happened was not a family visit. The Turkish state played this card to deceive people. The state wanted to implement special methods of warfare. In particular, they wanted to break Leyla’s resistance. We should also note that on the same night Leyla Güven's lawyer applied to see her. They wanted them to tell her to end the hunger strike. However Leyla Güven said ‘there may have been a visit, but isolation has not ended. This is a trick’.”

Resistance is the answer

Cemil Bayık called on Kurds and their friends to be sensitive to the special war policies and said: “Leyla Güven has unveiled and defeated the plans of the Turkish state. And the resistance has spread even further, with Sebahat Tuncel and others joining the hunger strike. The resistance continues to grow.”

Bayık reminded how far the Turkish state is willing to go in order to deceive people. He said HDP MP and Abdullah Öcalan’s nephew Ömer Öcalan’s Twitter account was hacked and false news about the Leader were posted on his behalf. “This - said Bayık - reveals that they are trying to play on different levels as they know they are losing. They want to break activists and their will and take over the people. There may be similar dirty tricks to follow.”

The world’s most dangerous terrorists are Erdoğan-Bahçeli

KCK Executive Council co-chair said that Erdoğan-Bahçeli are feeding DAESH and al-Qaeda. “The Turkish state is playing a psychological war by saying they are enemies of not the Kurdish people but of the PKK and YPG. As if Kurdish people would not notice the daily massacre Turkey is carrying out. To understand how the Turkey state is a brother to Kurds, is sufficient to go look at Afrin. They want to eliminate Kurdishness. The Kurds are massacred, imprisoned, tortured, insulted. Everyone sees this. The Turkish state is the main enemy of the Kurds.”

the KCK Executive Council co-chair added: “The Turkish state is not only hostile to Kurds. It is hostile to Armenians, Assyrians, Syriacs, Alevis. They destroyed many peoples. They want to destroy Kurds too. Everyone should clearly see that the only terrorist in the region was not only Saddam. Erdoğan-Bahçeli are actually the biggest terrorists in the region.”