KCK: We share the pain of the people of Lebanon

KCK expressed their deepest sympathy to the people of Lebanon and pointed out the historical connection of the Kurdish liberation movement with the country: "The pain of the people of Lebanon is also our pain".

The Executive Council Co-presidency of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a statement on the catastrophic explosion in Beirut. The statement reads as follows:

"The explosion on August 4th in the port of Beirut in Lebanon caused great human losses and injuries. We express our heartfelt sympathy to the people of Lebanon and wish the injured a speedy recovery. We share the pain of the people of Lebanon in the heart. Their pain is also our pain.

Lebanon is one of the most beautiful areas in the Middle East and Arab countries. Arabs, Armenians, Kurds, Druze, Christians and members of many other belief groups live there. It is the region of peoples and faith communities. Lebanon has a culture and history that can serve as an example for the entire Middle East. All peoples and faiths are at home there. Therefore the pain of this beautiful country is the pain of the peoples of the Middle East. The Kurdish people also feel this pain deeply and are in great sorrow.

There is an intimate bond between our liberation movement, the Kurdish people and Lebanon. The Kurds living there also contribute to Lebanon with their labor and their feelings. We consider Lebanon as a country of brotherhood. The Kurds, especially those living there, see Lebanon as their own country. In these difficult days, we stand by the side of the people of Lebanon. We are convinced that the Kurds in Lebanon will fulfil their responsibility to heal the wounds that have arisen together with the wider population.

The people of Lebanon have experienced great pains in the near past. Just as all those were overcome, so will the consequences of this disaster be dealt with. The material and non-material support of the friends of the Lebanese people will contribute to this. We are convinced that the Arab peoples and the whole of humanity will fulfil their responsibility in this regard.

We express once again our sympathy to the people of Lebanon, to whom we feel a deep historical bond. We hope that the wounds that have been opened will heal as quickly as possible and that Lebanon, as a jewel of the Middle East, will once again experience glorious times".