KNK General Assembly: Now is the time for unity!

The interim meeting of the 22nd KNK General Assembly, held with the slogan "The way to victory in Kurdistan's struggle for freedom and liberation is unity", ended with a final declaration calling for unity.

The interim meeting of the 22nd National Kurdistan Congress (KNK) General Assembly was held in Den Haag, with the slogan " The way to victory in Kurdistan's struggle for freedom and liberation is unity."

In addition to planning the work for the coming period, delegates also discussed the political situation of Kurdistan, and the latest situation in the south and west of Kurdistan, in light of the attacks by the Turkish state against Bakur, Bashur and Rojava.

The KNK General Assembly issued the following final declaration:

"1-The meeting urgently draws the attention of all Kurds and friends to the Turkish state's threats, attacks and operation preparations against South Kurdistan and Rojava Kurdistan, and calls on all Kurdistan forces and friends to oppose them.

2- Article 4 of the Kurdistan National Strategy Document says: "Any cooperation with the invaders against a power in Kurdistan or a part of Kurdistan is a red line and should be condemned at the national level." The General Assembly emphasizes this issue once again and calls on KDP officials to stop their cooperation with the Turkish state and oppose the occupation.

3- The meeting calls on all Kurdistan parties, organizations, institutions and dynamics to unite with the spirit of Newroz, strengthen national unity and unite against the attacks of the invaders.

4- The meeting calls on the Iraqi government to oppose the Turkish state's attacks and operations in Iraq, to remove military bases and to end the occupation by the Turkish army.

5- The meeting calls on the Turkish state to stop these threats and attacks and return to the peace dialogue and political solution process.

6- The meeting calls on the United Nations, leading world powers and the world public opinion to oppose the Turkish state's threats and attacks against Kurdistan, to support the struggle and the Kurdistan Freedom Movement."

The meeting pointed out that the situation in Kurdistan and the region is critical and uncertain, and that there are opportunities as well as dangers. "If we can organize ourselves better against this situation and strengthen our unity, we will be able to create a permanent status for the whole of Kurdistan. For this reason, all our forces, parties, institutions and organizations and all our people throughout the country and in the diaspora should cooperate better and make their national stance stronger and greater. Thus, we can destroy all the plans and projects of the occupying states towards Kurdistan."

The final statement said that "the situation of Kurdistan and the world also reveals our duties and responsibilities. It is not enough for us to analyze and identify weaknesses and failures. We need to work hard to solve these problems. We must work uninterruptedly for national unity, which is our primary duty. There are opportunities in this area. We can and must carry out strong diplomatic work around the world. Now is the time for unity. Now is the time to resist the occupation. Now is the time for freedom."