KON-MED calls for participation in the 30th Kurdish Cultural Festival in the Netherlands

The Kurdish umbrella organization in Germany calls for participation in the 30th International Kurdish Cultural Festival in the spirit of mobilization.

The Kurdish umbrella organization in Germany, KON-MED, released a written statement calling for participation in the 30th International Kurdish Cultural Festival. “We are inviting our Kurdish people living in Germany and all the revolutionary and democratic peoples to participate in the 30th International Kurdish Cultural Festival which will be held on September 17 in Landgraaf, the Netherlands,” the statement said.

“The 30th International Kurdish Cultural Festival will reflect the stance of our people in Europe against the policies of genocide. This festival will be attended by our people from four parts (of Kurdistan) and delineate a unified stance against the colonialists and their collaborators. Our people from all parts of Europe will demonstrate their stance against the policies of genocide in the spirit of a serhildan (Kurdish rebellion). It will be a cultural-democratic event for peoples during which tens of thousands will demand the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, and all pro-peace and democratic circles against the cultural genocide will come together and raise their voices,” said the statement, which further includes the following:

“The motto 'Status for Kurdistan, Freedom for Öcalan' will be a declaration of will for our people. Our people will express their will with great enthusiasm and participation. The Kurdish people and their friends will participate in the festival and will openly say 'we exist, we are here'.

Our federations, assemblies and all the components of KON-MED will participate in the 30th Kurdish Cultural Festival with great enthusiasm in a well-organized manner.

As KON-MED, we invite all revolutionary democratic peoples, especially our Kurdish people, to participate in this major event and contribute to the common freedom struggle.”


The KON-MED also announced the departure times and places:

“BERLIN, Residenzstraße 54 (Komel), Time: 11:00 PM

BERLIN, Flughafenstr. 70, 12049, Time: 23.00

DRESDEN, Neustadt Bahnhof, Time: 24:00

CHEMNITZ, HBF , Time: 23:00

MAGDEBURG, HBF, Time: 24:00

FRANKFURT, Süd Bahnhof, Time: 7.00

BAD HAMBURG, Bahnhof, Time: 7.00

FRIEDBERG, Bahnhof, Time: 7.00

USINGEN, Bahnhof, Time: 8.00

OFFENBACH, Bahnhof, Time: 7.00

HANAU, in front of the Association, Time: 7.00

BÜDINGEN KAMP, Orleshäuser str 26, Time:7.30

MANNHEIM, Neumesse Platz, Time: 6 30



VIERHEIM, Bahnhof, Time: 6.30

LANDAU, HBF, Time: 6.30

SAARBRÜCKEN, in front of the Association, Time: 7.00

SAARLAND, HBF, Time: 7.00

HOMBURG, Bahnhof, Time: 7.00

DARMSTADT, Bahnhof, Time: 7.00

BENSHEIM, Bahnhof, Time: 6.30

DIEBURG, Bahnhof, Time: 6.30

MAINZ, HBF, Time: 7.30


Bingen, HBF, Time: 8.00

GIESSEN, in front of the Association, Time: 8.00

LIMBURG, Bahnhof, Time: 7.30 am

SIEGEN. In front of the association, Time: 8.00

WOLFSBURG, Bahnhof, Time: 23:30

GIFHORN, Bahnhof, Time: 00:00

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Ems Straße, Time: 23:30

SALZGITTER, Bahnhof, Time: 00:00

PEINE, Bahnhof, Time: 23:30

HILDESHEIM, Bahnhof, Time: 00:45

HANNOVER, Busbahnhof, Time: 01:00

CELLE, Busbahnhof, Time: 00:00

LEHRTE, Bahnhof, Time: 01:00

BURGDORF, Bahnhof, Time: 00:30

NIENBURG, Hbf. Time: 00:00

STOLZENAU, Alle str. Time: 01:00

HAMEL, Hbf. Time: 01:00

SALZGITTER, Bahnhof, Time: 24:00

KASSEL, Jega str. Time: 06:00

GÖTINGEN. Bahnhof, Time: 07:00

HAMBURG, HBF, Time: 00:00

PINEBERG, Bahnhof, Time: 23:00

KIEL, Garten Post, Time: 23:00

KIEL, Mettenhof Famila, Time: 23:30

LÜBECK, ZOB, Time: 23:30

BREMEN, Cinemax, Time: 01:00

VERDEN, Bahnhof, Time: 00:00

OLDENBURG, HBF, Time: 06:00

AURICH, Bahnhof Time: 06:00

WILHELMSHAVEN, Bahnhof, Time: 05:00

LOHNE, Autohof, Time: 07:00

HECHINGEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 00:00

TUBINGEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 00:30

REUTLINGEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 01:00

NÜRTINGEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 00:00

PLOCHINGEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 00:30

ESSLINGEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 01:00

SINDELFINGEN, Rudolf-Harbig-Straße, Time: 05:00

LUDWIGSBURG, Busbahnhof, Time: 00:00

BAD CANNSTATT, Busbahnhof, Time: 00:00

WAIBLINGEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 00:30

WINNEDEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 01:00

BACKNANG, Busbahnhof, Time: 01:30

HEILBRONN, Landturmstraße 4, 74080, 06:00

NURNBERG, Forsthofstraße 36 Nuremberg (Navend), Time: 05:00

ULM, HBF, Time: 24:00

FREIBURG, Bissier str., Time: 00:30

EMMENDIGEN, Bahnhof, Time: 00:30

KENZINGE, Rathausplatz, Time: 00:45

HERBOLZHEIM, Bahnhof, Time:01:00

PFORZHEIM, HBF, Time: 11.30

RASCHADT, Bahnhof, Time: 01.00

LAHR, Lotzbeck str.33. Time:01:00

OFFENBURG, Bahnhof, 01:30

KEHL, Bahnhof, Time:02:00

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Anton-Sommerstr.17. 88046, Time: 23:30

BIELFELD, HBF, Time: 6:00

MINDEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 6:00

HERFORD, HBF, Time: 6:30

BAD SALZUFLEN, Busbahnhof, Time: 6:00

DETMOLD, HBF, Time: 6:30

PADERBORN, HBF, Time: 7:00

GÜTERSLOH, HBF, Time: 6:30

OSNABRÜCK, HBF, Time: 7:00

MÜNSTER, Friedrich Ebert str, 40, Time: 7:00

MESCHEDE, Lagerstr.1 (Komel), Time: 7:30 NEHEIM -HUSTEN, HBF, Time: 8:00

HAGEN, HBF, Time: 8:00

DORTMUND, HBF, Time: 8:00

ESSEN, HBF, Time: 8:00

BOCHUM, HBF, Time: 7:30 am

HERNE, HBF, Time: 8:00

WESSEL, HBF, Time: 08:30

MOERS, HBF, Time: 09:00

DINSLAKEN, HBF, Time: 08:30

POLMAN, Komel, Time: 09:00

DUISBURG, HBF, Time: 09:30

WUPPERTAL, Komel, Time: 8:00

DUSSELDORF, Busbahnhof, Time: 8:30

Cologne, MULHEIM, HBF, Time: 8:00


BONN, Bornheimer str.80 (Komel) Time: 8:00

TROISDORF, HBF, Time: 8:30


MECKENHEIM, HBF, Time: 8:30.”