KONGRA-GEL celebrates 43rd foundation anniversary of PKK

The KONGRA–GEL Co-Presidency Council released a statement to mark the 43rd foundation anniversary of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on November 27.

In a written statement, the KONGRA-GEL Co-Presidency Council celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the PKK's founding for Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, his companions resisting in mountains, prisons and streets and the peoples of Kurdistan, the Middle East and all humanity.

KONGRA-GEL also congratulated the families of all the martyrs and veterans of the PKK revolution, and paid tribute to all those fallen in the person of Metina, Zap and Avaşin martyrs, vowing to realize their goals.

“The history of the PKK is the life and struggle of Leader Öcalan. Since the very beginning, the struggle of Öcalan and the PKK against the invaders, the imperialist powers in the region and the treacherous Kurds has continued with success. For this reason, the fascist Turkish state began to impose an aggravated isolation on Öcalan in Imrali island last year,” the statement said.

“With its founding, the PKK heralded the freedom of the peoples of Kurdistan. It heralded the freedom of women,” it added.

The KONGRA-GEL praised the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish state's increasingly ongoing invasion attacks in South Kurdistan, saying, “Backed by the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the Turkish army has failed to make any advance against the guerrilla forces in Metina, Zap and Avaşin for the past seven months.”

The statement noted that the Turkish state has resorted to using banned chemical weapons to confront the guerrilla resistance, yet, achieved no results.

The KONGRA-GEL remarked that Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan's democratic, ecological and women’s libertarian paradigm was widely disseminated among the peoples of Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world. It added that the fascist regime in Turkey will not be able to prevent its collapse no matter how aggressive it may become in an attempt to prolong its life.

“With the defeat of the Turkish fascist regime and the resolution of the Kurdish problem, a democratic beginning will emerge in the Middle East,” the statement said.

The KONGRA-GEL concluded its statement by wishing for the PKK's 44th year of struggle to bring success for the Kurdish people and their friends.