Kongra Star condemns attack on Shengal Autonomous Administration Executive Committee Co-Chair

Kongra Star condemned the attack in which Shengal Autonomous Administration Executive Committee Co-Chair Merwan Bedel fell as a martyr and expressed his condolences.

Shengal Autonomous Administration Executive Committee Co-Chair Merwan Bedel fell as a martyr in the drone attack carried out by the Turkish state on 7 December.

Condemning this attack, Kongra Star said: "The attacks continue. The leading figures of the autonomous administration project are being targeted. Everyone knows the occupying, genocidal and plundering policy of the Turkish state. These attacks are carried out before the eyes of the world, but when the Kurdish people and their projects are attacked, unfortunately, the human rights institution and international forces become deaf.”

Kongra Star said that the attack against Yûsif Gulo and his grandchildren in Rojava was carried out for the same purpose and added: "The Yazidi people, who have followed their own decisions, can now defend themselves against a new genocide. They established their autonomous administration, army and public order. The Yazidi community is still facing genocide today. This attack, carried out in the person of Merwan Bedel Xwedêda, means that the Turkish state does not accept the self-government project. It is concerned about the spread of the idea of ​​democracy, and wants to leave all the pro-freedom peoples in fear with these attacks."

The statement ended with the following remarks: “We condemn the government of Bashur Kurdistan and Iraq, which opened their airspace to the Turkish state, sheltered the Turkish state in their bases and remained silent against the attacks. We repeat that we will avenge the martyrs by claiming the Autonomous Administration project with all our determination and strength. We express our condolences to Martyr Merwan Bedel Xwedê’s family and to the entire Yazidi people.”