Kurdish institutions ready to attend tomorrow's march against chemical weapons in Düsseldorf

Kurdish institutions are ready for a march against chemical weapons to be held in Düsseldorf, tomorrow, Saturday. CDK-S and YJK-S called on everyone to attend.

The Swiss Democratic Kurdish Council (CDK-S), the umbrella organization of Kurdish institutions in Switzerland, completed all preparations for the central march and rally to be held tomorrow, Saturday, in Düsseldorf.

The Swiss Kurdish Women's Union (YJK-S) called on everyone “to be the breath of the Kurdistan Freedom guerrillas".

The CDK-S and YJK-S wrote in their statement: "In these days when the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle will enter its 50th year of victory, we are faced with the biggest genocidal attacks in our history. The Kurds, who have approached freedom and status for the first time in their history, are facing attacks from all fronts.

Thanks to the "international ingratitude" of European states and institutions against Kurdish youth and women who saved the honour of the world by fighting the barbarian and murderous ISIS mercenaries, the AKP-MHP fascist, genocidal regime is increasing its attacks even more. The AKP-MHP dictatorship, which invests its entire existence in denial and genocide, commits crimes against humanity and the whole world turns a blind eye to it.”

The statement added: “The Kurds and the Freedom Guerrillas show the greatest resistance in their history.

The Kurds, who want to be the voice and breath of the guerrillas since the beginning of the chemical attacks, are breathing for the guerrillas, without stopping.

The silence of European states and institutions and their condoning the crimes against humanity make them partners in this crime. We ask all relevant states and institutions to show the necessary reaction to this crime against humanity and to disclose all the information they have, prioritizing international law. We expect the OPCW to send delegations to expose the crime against humanity.”

The CDK-S and YJK-S gave the following indication to Kurds who want to attend the “National Strike Day” and leave from Switzerland.

"Friday 11 November


Archof (Wintherthur Bahnhof), 10:00 pm

St. Gallen

Address 1: Rogensbergstrasse 59, 9000 St Gallen, 20:30

Address 2: Poststrasse 10, 9200 Gossau, 20:45


Hinterbergstrasse 18, 6330 Cham at 10:00 PM


Elsässerstrasse 215, 4056 (in front of the Basel Kurdish Community Center) at 23.00


Address 1: Churerstrasse 120, 8808 Pfäffikon at 22.00

Address 2: Steinwiesenstrasse 1, 8952 Schlieren at 22.30


pl. Dorcière 1201 Geneva (Gare Routière) at 21.00


rue de la Borde 12, 1018 Lausanne at 10:00 pm


Parkplatz 6005 Lucerne at 22.30


Sägestrasse 46, 5600 Lenzburg at 22.45


Westbahnhof time: 22.45


Fischermättelistrasse 6, 3008 Bern at 00:00."