Kurdish man critically injured by racists in Belgium

A group of Turkish racists attacked a young Kurd in his apartment in the Belgian municipality of Quaregnon, injuring him critically.

In the municipality of Quaregnon in Belgium, a Kurd was attacked and critically injured by eight Turks in his apartment on Saturday night. The young man was reportedly attacked because he reclaimed his Kurdish identity in the social media. The attackers only let go of him and left the apartment when he played dead. He is now in the intensive care unit of the hospital and his face is no longer be recognizable. He suffered brain trauma and is in life threatening condition.

Initial investigations indicate that the attack is linked to the victim's Kurdish identity and occurred after he shared a video in the social media. Some of the perpetrators were arrested, and three others are being sought.

Turkish racists are well organized in Belgium. In the past there have been several attacks on Kurds. Persons of Turkish origin are also active in political parties and have a direct connection to the Erdogan regime and systematically use racist expressions.