Kurdish young people in Berlin call for participation in Long March

Kurdish young people in Berlin called for participation in the Long March, which will start from Heilbronn on 5 February and end in Freiburg five days later.

Young Kurdish people living in Europe are finalizing the last preparations for the Long March, which will start from Heilbronn on 5 February with the slogan "Ji bo Azadiya Rêber Apo werin cenga azadiyê". The march will end on 10 February in Freiburg.

The Kurdish youth in Berlin called for strong participation in a written statement, saying: “We do not remain silent against the isolation and torture system of Imrali and we do not accept this situation. We support the call made by the Stuttgart youth, and specifically addressed young people in Aarau to attend the march."

The statement also called on all young people from Kurdistan to unite and to increase the struggle.