Kurdish youth rally in Paris and Marseille

In the Parisian suburb of Villier le Bel and in Marseille, activists of the Kurdish youth movement carried out actions within the framework of the political campaign "End isolation, fascism and occupation - time for freedom".

Worldwide, daily actions and protests are taking place within the framework of the political campaign "End Isolation, Fascism and Occupation - Time for Freedom" initiated by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) on September 12.

Demonstration against the isolation of Öcalan in Paris

Activists from the Kurdish youth movements TCŞ and TEKO-JIN gathered on Wednesday in the Parisian suburb Villier le Bel under flags of the PKK and pictures of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. They carried banners with inscriptions like: "With the PKK on the road to victory". In a brief action of civil disobedience, the youth blocked a street and informed passers-by about Erdoğan’s fascism and the isolation of Öcalan.

Rally and information booth in Marseille

In Marseille, a rally took place at an information booth on the current antifascist campaign. The youth movement called for broad participation in the political campaign against the isolation of Öcalan and Turkish fascism.