Kurds to protest the 98th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne

Kurds and their friends will protest the 98th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, which divided Kurdistan into four parts.

On 24 July, the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, a march will be held in Lausanne to protest the Treaty which, 98 years ago, divided Kurdistan into four parts and to promote Kurdish national unity.

In a written statement, the Swiss Democratic Kurdish Society (CDK-S) co-presidency Council said that the march would be held with the slogan "Let's Defend Kurdistan Against the Turkish Occupation".

The statement called on all Kurds and their friends living in the diaspora, especially Switzerland, to join the march to be held on 24 July, and said: “The insatiable and overly ambitious capitalist system continues to make our world uninhabitable. Diseases, disasters, wars and deaths, disasters and migrations are the effects of the degeneration created by a system that does not recognize moral limits, life and nature.”

The statement added: “Like global climate change, wars and mass migrations created by wars are also used as a form of political blackmail by the capitalist system and its practitioners. Thousands of kilometers away from the lands they were born, exposed to all kinds of inhumane treatment, thousands of people are walking towards new hope, while countries like Turkey make money with human smuggling and blackmail world politics over 'refugees'.”

The statement continued: “The ancient people of the Middle East, the Kurds, know very well what war and migration are. Kurds, who were exiled and forced to migrate dozens of times within their country, which was divided into four parts by the 'Lausanne Treaty' almost a century ago, relentlessly suffered from the capitalist system and its creation, the 'nation-state'. Kurds without status and who cannot benefit from even the most ordinary natural rights continue to live as "refugees" all over the world. Moreover, they are not even considered refugees in their own country.”

The statement reiterated that “a new world is possible from the perspective proposed by Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and his 'Democratic Nation' and 'Democratic Confederalism', which are a solution for all peoples. The Kurds will not accept Lausanne and will repeat this on the 98th anniversary of the signing of the treaty. We, the Kurds living in the diaspora, will hold a protest on 24 July at 3 pm in Place de la Ripone.”