Latin American and African organizations condemn Turkish attacks on Rojava, call for action

Journalists, political parties and movements from Latin American and African countries condemned the invading Turkish state's attacks on Rojava and called for action.

Journalists, political parties and leftist movements from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Venezuela, Haiti and Kenya made a joint statement in solidarity with Rojava.

The statement endorsed by 27 parties, movements and journalists said that “we cannot allow the genocide against the Kurds to continue, we must take action”, saying the following:

“Once again, we are witnessing atrocities and fascism against the Kurdish people. The recent bombing of Rojava by the imperialist powers showed us that, contrary to the official discourse, the poor peoples of the world do not live in a free world where human rights and the right to self-determination of peoples are respected. We rather live in a world where the right to life is not respected and genocide, war and colonialism prevail. Turkey not only bombs the Kurdish people, but also resorts to chemical weapons, violating all the norms designated by international humanitarian laws. The international community is embarrassingly silent as it is dominated by imperialist powers and some of the countries remain subordinated to them because of ideological and political weakness.

We know that the goal of this genocidal war against the Kurdish people and the press is to deepen the criminalization of the Kurdish people's rightful struggle and their dignity, thus silencing the brave, democratic people and their free press. We demand an end to the attacks, the immediate and unconditional release of Kurdish political prisoners, and the way to be paved for the Kurdish people to obtain their own free lives.

As always, thousands of casualties have been suffered in this war in which women, old people and children are the main victims. We urge all democratic forces, parties, people and revolutionaries, social movements and the alternative press to defend the right of the Kurdish people to build their future in a free, independent and sovereign manner.

For the freedom, life, independence, sovereignty and self-government of the Kurdish people! Kurdistan will win!”


Argentina Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores (PRT)

Argentina, Radio Nacional

Argentina, Ricardo Rubén Zarra Oran, Cantautor, Salta

Argentina, Organizacion Libres del Pueblo (OLP) Resistir y Luchar

Chile, Cristián Silva, Radio El Pueblo de Colina

Chile, Comisión de Derechos Humanos de Quilpué

Chile, Cabildo desde los Derechos Humanos, Quilpué

Chile, Agrupación de Familiares de Ejecutados Políticos y Detenidos Desaparecidos, Valparaíso

Chile, Cordon Asambleas Territoriales en Lucha del Marga-Marga,

Chile, Radio de Villa Alemana, Limache

Chile, Radio Cordon Marga-Marga,

Chile, Colectivo 31 de Julio, Valparaíso

Chile, America Rebelde

Chile, IPNews Agency y RPI

Colombia, J. Manuel Arango C. de CLIN de Colombia

Colombia, William Fortich Palencia, Red de Comunicación y Cultura, Bagota; Boletín Fogoncito Creativo

Costa Rica, Martin Rodriguez Espinoza, Partido Vanguardia Popular

Ecuador, Movimiento Guevarista Tierra y Libertad, MGTL

EE.UU, Manuel Loli, IPNews Agency

El Salvador, Centroamérica Ada Membreño del Partido Socialista Centroamericano, PSOCA

El Salvador, Centroamérica, Rael Oshun, El Socialista Centroamericano (Diario)

El Salvador, Centroamérica, Nelson Araya, Radio Farabundo Martí

Haiti, Jean Clebert Elouis, Mundo Haiti

Kenya, Partido Comunista de Kenia

Mexico, Frente Nacional de Lucha por el Socialismo, FNLS

Puelmapu, Juana Antieco, Lof Mapuche Tehuelche Newentuaiñ Inchiñ Costa de Lepa Chubut

Venezuela, Lila Ferrer integrante de Chavismo Sur y la Federacion Internacional de Escritores por la Libertad, FIEL