Lawyers and family denied access to Taşdemir extradited to Turkey

Lawyer for Kurdish female activist Gülizar Taşdemir, who was extradited to Turkey, said they are not allowed to meet with their client who faces a high risk of being subjected to torture.

Kurdish female activist Gülizar Taşdemir was extradited to Turkey by Norway on July 4 and no news has been received about her aftermath since. Taşdemir’s family and lawyers went to the police department to see her but are denied access.

Raziye Turgut, a lawyer for Taşdemir, spoke to Mesopotamia News Agency (MA) and stated that they went to the Vatan Security Directorate in Istanbul on Friday to meet with their client, but were kept waiting for two hours.

Half an hour after getting entrance permission, Turgut was told by the police officials that Gülizar Taşdemir was in Norway for long years, had no lawyer there, and doesn’t want a lawyer here either”.

Turgut told the police authorities that Taşdemir family wanted to see their daughter, but did not receive an answer to the demand of the family.

The lawyer said; “There is an unlawful process ongoing, and a high probability of torture. We could not do anything as we were not allowed to reach Taşdemir in any way but we will appeal to the prosecutor’s office on Monday.”