Lilwa Abdullah: Our priority is to rescue civilians

Operaion Cizire Storm Spokesperson Lilwa Abdullah stated that the operation continues and that there are violent clashes between SDF fighters and ISIS gangs.

The Operation Cizire Storm to clear the Syrian-Iraqi border and all of the Heseke countryside of ISIS gangs continues. Lilwa Abdullah answered questions from ANHA and stated that their priority is to rescue civilians in the are.

Lilwa Abdullah said the following on the most recent situation in the operation: The operation was launched in two branches, the east and the west. Our forces have advanced 9 km in the eastern branch and 13 km in the western branch to date, liberating Til Hemidi, Sefyan, Mezar Xerbi, Hicle, Şemas, Mercan, Ewdad and Um Mehfur villages.

Lilwa Abdullah said there are violent clashes between SDF fighters and ISIS gangs  and added: “ISIS gangs use medium and heavy weapons against our forces. To date, large numbers of gang members have been killed, 5 tunnels have been discovered and several gang members have turned themselves in.”

On rescuing civilians in the region, Lilwa Abdullah said: “Special units in the SDF have opened corridors to rescue the region’s residents. Through these corridors, many civilians who were used as human shields by the gangs have been rescued.”

Lilwa Abdullah said the gangs try everything to prevent the operation: “ISIS gangs don’t let the villagers leave. They are trying to prevent the rescue of the people and the advance of the operation through bomb laden vehicles and senstitive and sensor fitted landmines they lay in villages.”

Lilwa Abdullah said special units are working to clear the sensitive mines with sensors and stressed that their priority is to rescue the civilians.