Lîlwa El-Abdullah visits migrants from Hajin town

Operation Cizire Storm Official Spokesperson Lîlwa El-Ebdullah has visited the Îwa Camp where residents of Hajin town who managed to flee from ISIS darkness have settled.

Operation Cizire Storm Official Spokesperson Lîlwa El-Ebdullah and Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) member Îbrahîm El-Elî have paid a visit to the Îwa Refugee Camp where residents of the Hajin town, the last ISIS-held area to the east of the Euphrates, have settled after fleeing from their homes.

Obtaining information about the situation of the camp and the people, Lîlwa El-Abdullah talked to the women in the camp and listened to their problems.

Lîlwa El-Abdullah recalled that final phase of the Operation Cizire Storm has been launched to fully liberate the region from ISIS, noting that following the launch of the campaign a number of civilians from Hajin town and the region have settled in Îwa Camp.

Pointing out that the displaced civilians are being through a challenging period, Lîlwa El-Abdullah said efforts continue to meet all the needs of the migrants.