Long march in Cyprus in protest at the international conspiracy

Kurds and their friends are protesting worldwide on the 25th anniversary of Abdullah Öcalan’s abduction from Kenya and handover to Turkey on 15 February 1999.

Kurds living in Cyprus organized a long march on the anniversary of the 15 February International Conspiracy against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The protesters gathered early in the morning in the Dali district, 20 kilometres from the capital Nicosia, to protest against the conspiracy and started marching from there.

During the march, which saw great enthusiasm despite the heavy rain, the protesters displayed banners and posters of Abdullah Öcalan often chanted slogans such as "Freedom for Öcalan", "Long Live Leader Öcalan", "Greetings to İmralı", "No Life Without the Leader" and "Kurdistan will be the grave of fascism".

The people of Cyprus showed great interest as the protesters passed through the busiest streets of the capital Nicosia. People around supported the activists with victory signs.

During the march, leaflets about the international conspiracy of 15 February and the aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan were distributed.

A large crowd welcomed the freedom marchers in front of the Greek Consulate in Nicosia. The protesters held a rally in front of the Consulate building where a statement was read in Greek.

Kurdish politician Lezgin Serhat made a short speech here and said: "Leader Öcalan has given the best answer to the conspiratorial forces with his unprecedented 25-year resistance in history. Now it is time to transform this resistance into freedom." Stating that the Kurdish people could no longer tolerate the isolation of their leader, Serhat called on everyone to join the ‘Freedom for Öcalan’ campaign.

After the speeches, women activists left a black wreath at the consulate gate.