Manbij Military Council: Last YPG advisory group left the city

In a written statement Manbij Military Council confirmed last YPG group has left the city.

Manbij Military Council Command said in a written statement that the last YPG advisory group has left the city.

"The Manbij Military Council - said the statement - confirmed that the last YPG advisory group has left Manbij on 15 July, after having completed their training tasks carried out with the International Coalition Forces".

The Manbij Military Council said it "asked for support from the People's Defense Unions YPG and the International Coalition to carry out the operation to liberate Manbij which began on 1 June 2016, after the foundation of the Manbic Military Council on 4 April 2016".

Manbij Military Council and YPG liberated the city on 15 August 2016 with the support of the International Coalition, and thousands of people returned to the city after security was re-established.

"On 16 November 2016, - the statement continued - we took responsibility of regional security and the YPG forces withdrew from the city".

The statement added: "We asked the YPG to leave a military advisory group in the city to train fighters together with the International Coalition. After two years, the Council is now able to continue its training".

The YPG advisory group has ended its tasks on 3 June and the last group left on Sunday.

"The Manbij Military Council wants to thank once again the YPG and its military advisory group for their support; we also thank the International Coalition forces, and we salute their resistance in the liberation of the city from mercenaries.”