Protest in London against the international conspiracy

Hundreds of people gathered in London to protest the 15 February international conspiracy against Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and held a march and rally.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the London BBC building to join the demonstration promoted by the Kurdish People's Assembly. Activists carried YPG, YPJ, PYD and PJAK flags as well as a banner saying "Freedom for Öcalan, status for Kurdistan" and a giant photo of Öcalan.

The International Initiative reminded that the international conspiracy was carried out by the capitalist modernity forces. "International law was ignored and the invading forces handed over Mr. Öcalan to the Turkish state as the result of the conspiracy. Öcalan has developed the struggle for equality and freedom with great resistance on the island of Imrali, and today he has presented a democratic, gender egalitarian and ecological society paradigm to the peoples of the Middle East. In the Middle East, the forces inspired by the thoughts of Öcalan are fighting against barbarians and building peace. The freedom of Öcalan also means peace and freedom of the Middle East."

Ahmet Müslüm from the Kurdish People's Assembly said: "They keep Leader Apo in jail. They physically kept us away from him. However, the people are building peace and democracy in 4 parts of Kurdistan inspired by Leader Apo."

Müslüm added: "For this we say that they can physically keep Leader Apo in prison, but they can never jail his ideas. Today, the Democratic Confederalism Project of the Leadership enlightens the Middle East."

Kurdish People's Assembly Martyrs' Families Commission Spokesperson Ali Poyraz said that, just like 21 years ago, the Kurdish people and their friends took to the streets to protest the conspiracy.

The march ended at Trafalgar Square.