Martyr Mehmet Sevgat Revenge Unit carries out 2 action in Konya

Martyr Mehmet Sevgat Revenge Unit said in a written statement that it carried out two actions in Konya on 28 June.

Martyr Mehmet Sevgat Revenge Unit said in a statement: “The genocide attacks carried out by the fascist Turkish state continue throughout the Kurdish territory. These invading forces, are carrying out attacks on Kurdistan every day, thus showing their true face once again by targeting civilian people and houses.”

Some fascist individuals and institutions are benefiting from the attacks on the Kurdish people and its values. We will never leave our people alone. In our 40 years of struggle, we will continue to maintain the values our martyrs passed on to us. In this process, everyone close to the state and cooperating against the Kurdish people will continue to be our target."

The statement added: “On 28 June, our unit carried out an action targeting the wheat lands of fascists Ramazan Gürsen and Cevdet Oğuz in Kulu, Konya, and as a result of the action, hundreds of acres of cultivated land were burned to ashes.

On the same day, hundreds of acres of cultivated fields belonging to the fascist Mahmut Aktan were destroyed as a result of the action carried out by our unit in Kulu.

Our revenge initiative will continue to spread and continue to target and destroy fascists, collaborators and traitors.”

Both actions, said the statement, “were organized in memory of leading commander, Zeynep Kınacı (Zilan), who fell martyr on 30 June.”