MLKP Kurdistan announces death of two of its members

The Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) Kurdistan announced that two of its members, Ahmet Şoreş and Fırat Neval, fell as martyrs in the attacks by the Turkish state.

In a written statement, the MLKP Kurdistan said: "Comrade Ahmet Şoreş (Zeki Gürbüz), one of the leading and founding commanders of the Kurdistan freedom and independence struggle and the socialist patriotic line, fell a martyr in an attack by the colonialist fascist Turkish state."

The statement added: “Our pain is great, our anger greater. Comrade Ahmet Şoreş devoted his life to the revolution in Kurdistan and Rojava. He was the communist history, future and vein of the Rojava and Kurdistan revolution.”

The MLKP continued: “The revolution in a free united socialist Kurdistan will win. Comrade Fırat Neval (Özgür Namoğlu), one of the leading commanders of the new era guerrillas, also fell a martyr. He was a young commander who played an important role in the guerrilla struggle with his ideological devotion and tactical ability.”