Mother of Peace protesting embargo in Maxmur taken to hospital

Peace Mother Şerbet Salih was taken to hospital. She is one of the mothers protesting the embargo imposed on Maxmur camp.

The Peace Mothers from Maxmur have been protesting the embargo imposed on Martyr Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugees camp for 11 days.

The Peace Mothers have been protesting the embargo with a permanent sit-in in front of the KDP public security check-point.

The embargo has been going on for 56 days, and the protest is taking its toll on mothers.

Doctor Medya reminded that "the mothers have been staying in front of the check-point for ten days. No one is allowed to visit mothers, they are not even allowed to be given bread and water."

Doctor Medya continued: “We received information that one of the mothers was ill. We, as a medical team, set out to go to visit the mothers. However, the KDP public order did not allow us to reach the sick mother. This mother did not have any illness before. But she became ill after 10 days of action. Blood pressure and heart disease were diagnosed."

Doctor Medya called on Human Rights Organizations and the United Nations to take their responsibility and act urgently.