Nationwide protests in Iran

What began as a protest against the increase in gasoline prices in Iran is developing into a popular uprising throughout the country. Everywhere in Iran and Rojhilat people are taking to the streets against the Islamic regime.

For two days protests are taking place everywhere in Iran and in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan), to which the Iranian regime reacts with violence. According to information so far, at least six people have lost their lives due to the violence of the security forces. Numerous other people were injured.

The Iranian security forces are said to have fired live ammunition into the protesting crowds in many places. During the demonstrations, bank branches were set on fire in various places. In Tehran, an administrative building and a base for the Basij militias are also said to have burned down.

To curb the protests, the regime also cut off the Internet in large cities such as Mashad, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, Shiraz and Marivan.

The protests were prompted by drastic price increases for gasoline in the country. According to this, Iranians can only fill up with 60 liters of gasoline per month at the previous price. For those who refuel more than 60 liters, the gasoline prices rise to almost three times the previous price level.