No news about two guerrillas wounded and captured by the Turkish state

There is no news about the two guerrillas who were wounded and captured during the clashes with the Turkish state forces, which intensified their attacks despite the decision of inaction taken by the HPG. Families are worried.

The HPG has been in a position of inaction since 9 February. However, clashes continue to occur frequently as the Turkish state has intensified its attacks, ignoring the inaction decision taken by the guerrillas.

Clashes are taking place, especially because of the Turkish army's incessant attacks on the war tunnels in Zap's Çemço Resistance Area.

According to the information provided by the sources in the region, Sarina (Gülistan Gülmez), who was born in 1990 in Mersin, was wounded on 2 June, and Xabur (Hesen Remzi), who was born in 1996 in Afrin, was wounded and captured on 3 June.

It is stated that both guerrillas were subjected to pressure and torture for days and were forced to make confessions. Their families, who have not heard from the wounded guerrillas, are worried.