People in Van cannot find bread

Bakers in Van have not been producing bread for days due to the high increase in the price of flour and other products.

The AKP-MHP government, which allocates Turkey's budget to war and power supplies, is condemning people to starvation. People in Van and its districts have not even been able to find bread for days.

Increases in the price of flour, electricity, natural gas and other products are forcing bakers to produce less or no bread. In the last 7 months, the price of bread has increased four times in Van.

Now bakers want the bread, which is now 2.5 TL, to be 5 TL.

Baker Cevdet Demir said: “We are selling at a loss so that the public will not suffer, but we have no strength to continue like this. We no longer have money to buy flour. We haven't been able to pay our rents and workers' wages for months. Those who work here are people with families. How much more can we employ these people for free? That's why the price of bread needs to be raised again. If a reasonable increase in bread is not made, most of the bakers in Van will have to close.”

A citizen named Emin Fidan, on the other hand, stated that they could not find bread in bakeries or markets for days and added that they could not buy bread at the current price.

Fidan noted that the new increase in the price of bread will make the situation very difficult for everybody.