PKK and PAJK prisoners: We will bring the hunger strike to a new phase after the local elections

PKK and PAJK prisoners said that they will extend the hunger strike until after the elections.

Deniz Kaya made a statement on behalf of PKK and PAJK prisoners on hunger strike. The prisoners' statement said: "As a people and a movement, it was decided to participate in the 'Freedom for Leader Apo, Solution to the Kurdish Question' campaign, which was launched globally against the AKP-MHP fascist government's policies. As PKK and PAJK prisoners, we participated in the campaign with a rotating hunger strike that started on 27 November, the founding day of our Party. We carry out our action with great determination, with the morale and strength we receive from our Leader's Imrali Resistance, the successful revolutionary operations carried out by our heroic guerrilla, the 'Justice Vigil' actions initiated by our families and the resistance developed by our people everywhere."

The statement added: "We are aware that the process we are going through is one that carries great risks as well as opportunities for success. We can easily see from what happened that the First World War ended with the establishment of the Republic of Turkey on the basis of the Kurdish genocide, the Second World War brought about the nation-state of Iran on the basis of the Kurdish genocide, and the Third World War is tried to be concluded on the basis of the Kurdish genocide. However, this time, there is a people's reality organized around the 'Democratic, Ecological, Women's Libertarian' paradigm developed by Leader Apo."

The statement continued: "At international level, Leader Apo's ideas are rapidly spreading, and Leader Apo has become a universal Leader.

More than 10 thousand PKK and PAJK prisoners in Turkish Republic prisons, declare once again our loyalty to our Leader, our martyrs, our people and the values ​​revealed by our struggle. Even though we are in prisons in such a historical process, our determination to fulfil our duties and responsibilities and to play a role in the success of our struggle is greater than ever. We want everyone to know that we are ready and will fulfil all our duties and responsibilities to end the isolation imposed on Leader Apo and ensure his physical freedom."

We will enter a new phase after the elections

The prisoners said: "We would like to state that we have extended our rotating hunger strike action, in order to end the isolation imposed on our leader. We want everyone to know that we will enter a new phase on 15 February and until after the elections to be held on 31 March. We declare to the public that if the isolation of our leader continues after the election, we will take our action to the next level and continue until we get results."

The prisoners added: "We call on all our people, democratic institutions and friends to increase the resistance within the scope of the international initiative. We call on all our people and friends to participate in the election activities in order to prevent the institutionalisation of fascism. Today is the day to break the isolation in Imrali, dismantle the Kurdish genocide policy and salute the People's Freedom Spring."