PKK anniversary celebrated in Marseille and Draguignan

The 41st anniversary of the founding of the PKK was celebrated in Marseille and Draguignan.

Kurdish politician Kemal Aktaş delivered a speech at a celebration for the 41st anniversary of the founding of the PKK in Marseille. 

Aktaş spoke about the developments in the North East Syria after the occupation attacks carried out by Turkey.

Hozan Aydın, Xemgin Birhat, Yelda Abbasi and Hozan Simar were the artists who performed during the event.


Draguignan also celebrated the anniversary of the founding of the PKK 41 years ago. Hundreds of Kurds, as well as left and socialist organizations joined the celebration.

Photos of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan and PKK's legendary commander Mahsum Korkmaz (Egid) as well as PKK, KCK, YPG and YPJ flags decorated the hall.

Co-chairs of Draguignan CDK-F, Erdal Mert and Hidayet Özkan spoke at the event. After the co-chairs celebrating the anniversary of the PKK, the Communist Party Secretary General of the Alpes Maritimes region of France, Philippe Deligrini, addressed the crowd.

Deligrini expressed solidarity with the Kurds and demanded the "removal of the PKK from the terrorist organisations list. Öcalan and Demirtas need to be released," he added.

Artists Beytocan, Kawa Urmiye, Rênas Demhat and Kemalê Amed, performed during the event.