PKK anniversary celebrated in Rome

Activists in Rome celebrated the 41st anniversary of the foundation of the PKK.

The meeting to celebrate the 41st anniversary of the foundation of the PKK was attended by Kurds and Italians.

Kurdish politician Fuat Kav drew attention to the fact that the PKK set off looking national liberation never falling into nationalism. He said that the PKK has had internationalist characteristics since the beginning of its foundation, well visible in his founders Haki Karer and Kemal Pir. He said that the spirit of the PKK spirit is also the basis of democratic confederalism established in Rojava today.

Kav stressed that one of the main characteristics of the Kurdish freedom movement is to train coherent activists in thought and action.

Following Kavş's speech a documentary was screened to commemorate international HPG guerrilla Almuth Sarah Handelmann who lost her lives in the mountains of Kurdistan.

The documentary was made by Handellmann and it is about the autonomous administration process. It is a documentary she made before joining the Kurdish freedom movement and was shown in Italy for the first time. The event ended with a music concert.

A green and women revolution

Politician Fuat Kav met with the Italians at the event called "The Green Revolution of Women in Rojava" organised the day before the commemoration. Kav evaluated the geopolitical situation in Rojava since the occupation attacks that began on 9 October. He said that the Kurds had spoiled the games and plans of the imperialist states thanks to the alliance with the peoples.

The book "Make Rojava Green Again" was presented as well as jineoloji. The event ended with music by Mubin.