Police attack against the people in Amed

The police attacked the march held by the people of Amed to the Amed Metropolitan Municipality building to protest the usurpation of HDP’s municipalities.

The people of Amed were to march to the municipality building to attend a press briefing to protest the usurpation of HDP’s Amed, Van and Mardin municipalities by the AKP-MHP alliance.

As the people gathered on the Elazig Avenue on the way to the municipality and an argument broke out with the police officers who told the crowd to disperse. After the discussion, the police attacked the people with water cannons and injured several.

Former President of the Amed Bar Association Ahmet Ozmen tried to talk to the police.

The people have dispersed to surrounding streets and continue to wait.


HDP MPs, co-mayors and administrators as well as a group of residents were marching to the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality’s building from the HDP provincial offices when they were stopped by the police at the Kosuyolu Park.

The police chief said Governor Hasan Basri Guzeloglu, who was appointed trustee last night, issued an order yesterday banning actions and events. 
The people continue to wait in the Kosuyolu Park.