Police raid house of Halise Aksoy, mother of HPG guerrilla Agit Ipek

Police raided the house of Halise Aksoy, mother of HPGguerrilla Agit Ipek, whose remains were delivered by post in April 2020.

The house of Halise Aksoy, who lives in the borough of Bağlar in Amed, was subjected to a police raid.

According to the information received, the police, who did not find anyone in the house, asked the neighbours where Halise Aksoy was.

The police also asked whether Agit Ipek's remains had really been sent by post.

The remains of HPG guerrilla Agit Ipek, who fell a martyr during clashes on the Xelasor hill in Dersim in 2017, were delivered to his family in April 2020, three years later, in a package sent by post.