Prosecutor prepares summary of procedings for 7 HDP deputies

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office announced that it will prepare a summary of procedings on 7 HDP deputies.

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, running the investigation after the detentions of dozens of HDP executives and former MPs, on the Kobanê incidents in October 2014, announced that a summary of procedings will be prepared for 7 deputies within the scope of the investigation.

The Chief Prosecutor's Office announced that 20 people have been detained so far while a summary of procedings will be prepared for 7 current MPs.

In the statement made by the Office of the Chief Prosecutor, the following statements could be read: "A summary of procedings will be drafted for the 7 people who were member of the Peoples' Democratic Party Central Executive Board (MYK) at the time of the Kobanê incidents and who are currently understood to be deputies of the HDP.”