Protests against the US decision in Athens and Brussels

Demonstrations are being staged across Europe in protest at the US decision against three PKK leaders .

A Vigil in Athens and a demonstration in front of the US Consulate in Brussels were staged to protest against the US decision.


The Vigil action which began in Athens, Greece, three days ago, to demand freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan ended today, Monday.

The action was held in front of the Greek Parliament. Speeches were delivered on behalf of Navenda Çanda Kurdistan.

The speeches reminded the role of the Greek state in the international conspiracy which led to the capture of Abdullah Öcalan on 15 February 1999. Activists asked for the end of the isolation imposed on the Kurdish People's Leader in Imrali.

Activists at the Vigil also condemned the decision by the United States targeting PKK executives, Murat Karayilan, Cemil Bayik and Duran Kalkan and vowed to fight against it.

A delegation on behalf of the activists also presented a dossier to the Greek Parliament.

Action in Brussels

An action was organised in front of the US Consulate in Brussels, Belgium to protest against the decision by the US to put a bounty on three senior PKK executives.

Kurds carried the photographs of the three PKK executives targeted by the US decision, Murat Karayilan, Cemil Bayik and Duran Kalkan. The action was organised by YJKB and NAVBEL.