Public Prosecutor issues confidentiality order on Kars file

A confidentiality order was imposed on the investigation file, which was the reason for the detention of 21 people, including Kars Municipality co-mayor Şevin Alaca.

Within the scope of the investigation conducted by Kars Public Prosecutor's Office, 21 people, including Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Kars Municipality co-chair Şevin Alaca and HDP Kars Provincial co-chair Cengiz Anlı, were detained following raids on their houses on the grounds that they were "members of an illegal organization".

Following the detention, searches were carried out in Kars Municipality, HDP Kars Provincial building and the workplaces of those detained.

Those detained by wearing were taken to Kars Police Department. While a 4-day detention order was issued for the detainees, a confidentiality order was also imposed on the investigation file.

The Ministry of Interior ordered the dismissal of Kars Municipality co-mayor Şevin Alaca, deputy co-mayor Muazzez Çağrı Tekinci, Municipal Council members; Kaya Naki, Municipal Council members Fahrettin Kaya, Ömer Albayrak and Kars Provincial General Assembly members Halil Kan and Suat Bayhan.

After the meeting with the lawyers, it was learned that the file was imposed a confidentiality order on the grounds that "evidence had not been collected". The statement of the 21 people detained are expected on Monday.

The names of the detainees are as follows:

"Kars co-mayor Şevin Alaca, HDP Kars Provincial co-chair Cengiz Anlı, Kars deputy co-mayor Muazzez Çağrıtekin, Kars Municipal Council member Kaya Naki, Kars Municipal Council member Fahrettin Kaya, Kars Municipal Council member Ömer Albayrak, Kars Provincial Assembly member Suat Bayhan, Kağızman Provincial General Assembly member Halil Kan, Dağpınar Municipal Council member Hamdi Erkmen, Digor Municipal Council member Hamit Taşdelen, TJA activist Medya Tağay, former Digor Municipal Council member Reis Baykiz, former Digor HDP provincial co-chair Zorba Başkutlu, municipal employee Şengül Erkmen, Demokrat Haber journalist Selda Manduz, former DBP District co-chair Izzet Altig, former HDP provincial executive Adem Karataş, former Selim HDP provincial executive Sabri Avag, Bülent Ağbaba and Hazal Ağadeve.