Rally in front of the EP against repression and racism

A rally against the repression and racist attacks on Kurds by the AKP/MHP regime took place in the Belgian capital.

A number of activists gathered in front of the European Parliament to protest against the racist attacks of the AKP/MHP regime and the oppression of the opposition in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. At the rally, the activists sharply criticized the EU for its refugee policy and called for the evacuation of refugees from the Greek island of Lesbos.

Incited by the agitation of the AKP-MHP-regime, a series of racist attacks and murders of Kurds have been taking place in Turkey. Recently Kurdish seasonal workers in Sakarya became the target of a racist hunt. Previously, Kurdish construction worker Özkan Tokay had been murdered.

In Belgium, too, there has recently been an allegedly racially motivated attack on a Kurdish citizen. In the municipality of Quaregnon, a Kurdish man was attacked and critically injured by eight Turks in his apartment on September 14. The young man was reportedly attacked because he reclaimed his Kurdish identity in the social media. The attackers only let go of him and left the apartment when he played dead.