Repression in the village of Pirajman

The Turkish army released 2 of the 4 people detained in the raid on the countryside of the village of Pirajman in Dicle, province of Amed. A fire broke out in the attack area.

It is stated that on the third day of the attack launched by the Turkish army clashes broke out. While the attack of the Turkish army continued, the soldiers raiding the village of Pirajman detained 4 people. The soldiers detained Hüsnü Yurtsever, his wife Ayşe Yurtsever, and two other people, one of whom was a relative of the family.

It is stated that Hüsnü Yurtsever and the man whose name has not been learned have been released, while Ayşe Yurtsever and the other woman are still in custody.

On the other hand, a fire broke out as a result of the bombing in the conflict area. It is stated that the fire is gradually spreading.