Revenge Units target police and drug dealers in Amed

Revenge Units carried out actions against Turkish police and drug dealers in Amed.

Martyr Elişêr Konya and Martyr Zin Amara Revenge Units issued a statement detailing the actions they carried out in Amed.

The statement shared the following details: "On 20 March at around 8:30 pm, our members carried out an action with handmade bombs at the home of the drug dealer named "Yellow" in the Ziya Gökalp District of Sur district of Amed."

The statement continued: "Revenge Unit members closed the road at 2 different points in Bismil center on 21 March. With the arrival of the invading Turkish police vehicles, enemy forces were repelled with fragment bombs.

On 21 March, in the 5 Nisan neighborhood of Amed's Bağlar district, our members closed many streets to traffic. The enemy came to the area soon after, and was effectively hit by fragmentation bombs.
On 22 March, the street where the Çarşamba market is located in the 5 Nisan neighborhood of Amed's Bağlar district was closed to traffic. The enemy was effectively hit with effective bombs."