RiseUp4Rojava urges to organise against Turkish fascist attacks

RiseUp4Rojava evaluates the current situation in Kurdistan on the eve of the 15 August 1984 anniversary.

RiseUp4Rojava evaluates the current situation in Kurdistan especially given the wave of attacks of the psychological special warfare machinery, in social media and general media against the revolution in Rojava and Northern Syria and the fighting Freedom Movement of Kurdistan.

What is the situation in Heftanin right now, what is the situation of the Turkish army's operation against the liberated Medya defence areas, and what is the situation of the resistance? What kind of planning of the international and regional imperialist forces against the liberated areas of North-East Syria is emerging, and how do the events in Deir ez-Zor and the much speculated oil agreement of the Autonomous Self-Administration of North-East Syria, among others, fit into it?

These are the questions addressed by RiseUp4Rojava.

The statement said: "For months now, there has been a single "main topic", dominating the world's public debate, the Corona pandemic. However, the world in which we live has not come to a standstill, and even less have the plans and concepts of the imperialists and the occupation and exploitation policies of Turkish fascism come to a standstill: sending tens of thousands of mercenaries from Syria to Libya, imperialist sovereignty efforts in the Mediterranean, actively influencing the conflicts in Yemen and many other countries. Every day, attacks on the population and every breath of counter-organisation are taking place in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan; every day, the mountains and villages of Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) are being bombed; every day, dozens and dozens of drones are being sent to monitor the region, to freeze the movement of the resistance and to strike when the opportunity arises. Day in, day out, the entire propaganda machinery of the Turkish state and its henchmen is being set in motion with the one aim: to disrupt the resistance, to break the will of the fighting peoples. The secret service MIT of the Turkish state has built up an army of informants and agents on the territory of Turkey, in the region and internationally, with which any kind of information gathering, psychological warfare, lobbying and provocation, up to the targeted distribution of narcotics within the society and direct liquidation operations are carried out. No matter whether city or village, mountain or plain, military or, if desired by them, civilian, everything, no matter where, is a potential target of the Turkish NATO army."

The statement added: "On all levels - political, military, economic, social and media, both regional and international - the revolution is attacked by the ruling forces and it is attempted in every possible way to isolate, marginalise, criminalise the movement and deprive it of the support and participation of the peoples. For the big imperialist states and their strategic alliances, especially the USA and NATO, it is clear that a democratic, liberal and anti-capitalist revolution in the Middle East cannot be victorious and that a NATO army in the 21st century cannot, under any circumstances, lose in the war against a peoples' army and a guerrilla movement. They are aware of the geo-political and historical significance of such a possibility in a place like Kurdistan and a region like the Middle East and the explosive impact that this reality could have on all other parts of the world. Likewise, the Turkish occupier state and its fascist AKP-MHP government are also aware that they will lose any right to exist with the revolution. Both historically and currently, the Kurdish question is, therefore, for the fascist Turkish state a question of being or not being. It is also not a question that only concerns Rojava or would only concern the mountains; it is both a question that concerns all parts of Kurdistan and their respective occupier states, and a question that has world-historical significance and just as great a potential.”

According to the statement "it is becoming apparent that the next escalation is imminent. In joint coordination, both Syrian and Turkish secret services are trying to create chaos in the liberated areas, using various means to get the population on the streets against the Autonomous Self-Administration. This became particularly apparent in Deir ez-Zor last week. In this area, in which many IS sleeper cells are already active throughout, influential personalities behind the project of Democratic Nation are being deliberately murdered by the aforementioned secret services, creating problems between the various tribes, SDF and the Self-Administration." 

The statement continued: "The oil agreement, which was recently signed by the Autonomous Self-Administration of North-East Syria, is also being used as an occasion to spread various anti-propaganda, and thus to generate antipathy locally and internationally. It is obvious that the Rojava project does not really have any alternatives. Because if it does not want to lose its autonomy and political independence and wants to be able to counter the economic crisis, the embargo and the war, it understandably needs ways out like this. It is one of the basic principles of the Federation of Northern Syria that all the resources of that country belong to all the peoples of Syria, and it is against this background that an agreement has been concluded with limited production and for a limited time with a US company. This is also, incidentally, a direct consequence of the Syrian state's refusal for years to sit down at the table to build a new Syria together. Instead, the Syrian state continues to have only one perspective, and that is to do everything again exactly as before. In view of the fact that the country has virtually bled to death, this is relatively unrealistic. You would think that after so much war, suffering and bloodshed, even a government like that of the Ba'ath regime should think about changing things, but no, they insist, as does the Turkish state, on their ideology: one state, one nation, one language, etc. - There is no room for democracy, diversity and autonomy."

As part of its special warfare and preparation for further escalation, the statement underlined that "Turkey cut off all natural water supplies to the region. The Euphrates in Syria is on the verge of drying up, and the Tigris in Iraq is also gradually losing mass. The main source of water supply to the Heseke region is in the village of Alok, East of Serekaniye, and is in the hands of the fascist thugs. Against this background, we should perhaps ask ourselves once again who is actually exploiting the natural resources here and depriving them of their true owner, namely the people and nature."

The statement ended its remarks by saying that "in light of the Corona pandemic and a related global attack on societal existence, i.e. human existence itself, and in light of the growing aggression of Turkish fascism in Kurdistan and in the whole Middle Eastern region, it is necessary to organise the resistance together, hand in hand, in the sense of an international anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, and anti-capitalist front, and to prepare for the next attack on Rojava. Turkish fascism, and this is obvious, will not be stopped in Libya or in the Mediterranean, but it will be finished in Rojava, in the mountains of Kurdistan and with the uprising in the metropolis."