Sabotage action in Sherawa by YPG: 4 dead

YPG fighters have carried out a sabotage action against invading gang forces in the Sherawa district of Afrin. At least 4 gang members were killed in the action.

YPG Press Center said, “Our forces have carried out an action against the Ahrar Al Sharqiyya gang group in the Xezawiyê village of the Sherawa district as part of the second phase in the Afrin Resistance of the Age.”

Details of the sabotage action on October 15 against a military vehicle that belonged to the gang group are as follows:

“As a result of the action, the vehicle has completely been destroyed. 4 gang members in the vehicle have been killed and 2 others have been wounded. The gang members who were killed are: Samir el Faris (Aleppo), Ata Xalid el Qasim (Idlib), Welîd Adil el Cedu (Homs), Yehya el Helebî (Aleppo).”