SADAT is arming young unemployed people in Van

A ban on actions and activities has been imposed for 1,900 days by the Governor's Office in Van. The organization called SADAT, founded by the AKP government, exploits the unemployed youth in Van and arms them.

SADAT, which defines itself as "the company that provides consultancy and military training in the field of defense" and which has been different claims to date, was founded on 28 February 2012 by retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanrıverdi and 23 retired officers and non-commissioned officers. Although there are definitions such as military and internal training, defense consultancy and ammunition procurement in the international arena in the founding content of the company, the actions of SADAT, which was a paramilitary structure during the self-government process declared in Kurdish provinces, are still fresh in the memories. SADAT works in the same way as the JİTEM of the 1990s.

The leader of SADAT is retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanriverdi, who was expelled from the army on 28 February 1997. One of the most important allegations regarding that 15 July 2016 power conflict is that a large number of heavy weapons were distributed to civilians under the leadership of SADAT. In addition, it is not yet known who holds these weapons at the moment. SADAT members, who took an active part in Rojava, carried out many massacres in occupied Afrin.

After the economic crisis in Turkey, the public's reaction and the possibility of AKP losing the election, SADAT started to intensify its work in various regions of Turkey.

The biggest financier of SADAT consists of municipalities to which trustees are appointed. The money transferred to TÜGVA by the trustees is secretly transferred to SADAT. This structure, which was organized within the police and the military, is now trying to arm young people by communicating with them in the most remote neighbourhoods.

SADAT's current target is Van. Armed people are seen out at night despite the ban imposed by the governor on actions and activities. It was learned that these young people, dressed in suits and armed, traveling in luxury vehicles, emerged as a result of the long-term work of SADAT in Van. SADAT exploits the economic situation, religious and nationalist sensitivities of these people after identifying unemployed and despairing young people who have lost their relatives in conflicts.

There are allegations that SADAT conducted these armed trainings in a military area in Van and the military authorities allowed it.