SDF advances towards Tahuna village

SDF forces continue their advance towards Dashisha town and are only 3 kilometers to the village of Tahuna.

Fighters of the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are making further advances in the Operation Cizire Storm that was relaunched last Monday to clear Dashisha area and secure Iraq-Syria border.

The fighters are 3 kilometers to the Tahuna village and 7 km to the Iraqi border at the moment.

SDF commander İbrahim Gırke Lege stated that ISIS gangs are weakening against SDF forces and are resorting to bomb-laden vehicles and mines to stop their advance. The Commander said SDF fighters are employing special tactics against the mercenaries’ attempts to obstruct the campaign.

SDF fighter Andok Çil Axa said; “We are preparing to clear the Dashisha town of terrorists. Now, we are advancing towards Tahuna village to rescue the civilians there.”