SDF issued 3-day balance of Turkish attacks

The SDF Press Center has released a statement about the attacks carried out by Turkey and its mercenaries in the occupation of the region in the last 3 days.

The SDF statement reads as follows:

"The occupying Turkish state and its affiliated mecenaries continue their occupation plans in the region. They also bombed a number of civilians using armed drones.


The invading Turkish state bombed the villages of Ingel Hewa and Til Werid with mortars and heavy weapons. As a result of the bombing, local people suffered material damage.


The occupying Turkish state and its mercenary allies targeted the villages of Erisha, Fêseliyê, Til Şeîr and Rîhaniyê, where the Assyrian Military Council is located, with heavy weapons. The Assyrian Military Council, which responded on the basis of legitimate defense, killed 2 mercenaries. As a result of the bombardment of the invaders, the property of the people has been damaged.


The occupation attacks carried out by the Turkish state continue. The invading Turkish state and its mercenary allies bombed the villages of Qiz Elî, Tibêna, Sewame, Sarûnc and Xefiya causing material damage in the region.

As a result of the bombing, two of our friends who fought heroically were wounded and fell martyr."