SDF Spokespersons: Freedom very close in Raqqa

Spokespersons for the Operation Wrath of Euphrates said they will announce the liberation of Raqqa very soon.

Spokespersons for the Operation Wrath of Euphrates to liberate Raqqa, Cihan Sheikh Ehmed and Talal Silo, spoke at the Raqqa Platform meeting taking place in Ayn Îsa town today to discuss the future of Raqqa after its liberation from ISIS.

Cihan Sheikh Ehmed began her speech by remembering all the freedom martyrs and saluting all the fighters in the battle field, and praised the resistance of the Raqqan people.

Recalling that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have led several campaigns to liberate Syrian territory from ISIS so far, Cihan Sheikh Ehmed said; “Victory has always been of our fighters. Our forces went into action after the people of Raqqa called on them to free them from ISIS. Our campaign in Raqqa continues. Liberation of Raqqa is very close.”

Speaking after, the other spokesperson for the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, Talal Silo, pointed out that the ongoing Raqqa campaign has born historic consequences. Silo continued; “We are being through historic times. An atmosphere of peace and trust has been established owing to the blood of our brave martyrs and fighters.”

Cihan Sheikh Ehmed and Talal Silo remarked that the good news of Raqqa’s liberation will be given very soon.