SDF statement on the withdrawal of US forces from Syria

SDF General Command said the fight against ISIS is not over yet, and that the withdrawal of the Coalition would lead to negative results.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) issued a written statement on the US withdrawing from Northern and Eastern Syrian territory.

The SDF statement includes the following:

“At a time when an intense battle continues in the last positions ISIS holds and sleeper cells in the region looking to reactivate are being destroyed, the White House announcement that they are withdrawing from Northern and Eastern Syria will have a negative effect on the operation to end terrorism as well as lend military and political strength to those who support terrorism and terrorist acts in the region.

We are announcing to the public that the war to end terror hasn’t ended yet. ISIS is near its end now, but we would like to add that this is an important and delicate period. Everybody should intensify their efforts. There should be more support from the Coalition and fighters must be aided in all aspects so they can continue the fight against ISIS gangs, there should be no withdrawal.

The decision to withdraw from the region will bring about a risky period and pose an obstacle to destroying the terrorist organization. With that, the safety, peace and security of the peoples of the region will be endangered. Because withdrawing from the region at such a time will risk the peace and stability in the region and create gaps between military and political meanings and thus throw the people at the mercy of aggressive forces.”