‘September 12’ protest in Istanbul: The coup continues with AKP

People protested against the September 12 military coup on its 39th anniversary, and pointed out that the coup regime continued with the AKP today.

The Initiative of 78’ers promoted a demonstration in Taksim, Istanbul to mark the bloody military coup of 1980 on its 39th anniversary. The demonstration was joined by HDP, EMEP, Revolutionary Party, Anti-art Works, Marxist Stand, SYKP and Green Left Party.

The first speech was held by the Initiative of 78’ers member Nimet Tanrıkulu who stated that the period of coups will never come to an end unless the bloody history is faced with.

Following Tanrıkulu’s speech, the joint press statement was made by the Initiative member Yunus Bircan who remarked that a democracy game has been played in the country for years. Bircan stressed that; “September 12 continues with the Erdoğan regime”.

The press statement also highlighted the Turkish state’s policies of trustees and conflict.